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KRONIS Injury Prevention Set Youth and Adult




Kronis injury prevention set includes:
1. padded compression tights and top
2. padded compression tights
3. Anti slip socks

Why Compression Matters
Visit any gym, and you’ll see both men and women opting for compression sportswear over loose-fitting gym shorts and t-shirts. The reason for this is that the stretchy, tight-fitting material is designed to contour to your body. This provides an extra layer of support for your muscles as they undergo the numerous expansions and contractions associated with exercise.

Minimize Muscle Fatigue
Studies show that wearing compression pants or shorts during workouts can keep your muscles from feeling overworked. This means more energy during long games as well as more maneuverability when the team needs it most.

Nothing upsets your training cycle quite like muscle soreness. However, compression garments have been repeatedly shown to reduce overall muscle soreness during and after games. So if you’re worried about practice impacting your game time performance, Kronis has the cure!

Support for Legs and Groin
The most common soccer injuries are those that involve the legs or the groin. Due to the small space in which they operate, goaltenders are uniquely susceptible to such injuries. Fortunately, compression pants can protect and support these sensitive body parts without limiting the player’s range of motion.

Provide Strain Protection
Compression garments are strategically designed to reduce your risk of muscles strains. In fact, research shows that they may actually aid in strain recovery. Goaltenders are uniquely susceptible to sports-related injuries, so compression shorts or pants are an excellent investment. Stay in the game!

Compression garments have the unique ability to improve what’s known as “perceived power.” This is because added support for muscles, even when minimal, is directly tied with increased jumping ability and better performance during endurance events.

The saying goes: when you’re body tells you it’s time to quit, the workout is only 40% done. To make sure you’re getting the most out of every exercise opportunity, you need to be reducing your perceived exertion. Fortunately, studies repeatedly show that compression garments are key to this process.

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