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Kronis Academy - enrollment centers

Since its inception in 2014, Kronis Academy has been dedicated to delivering high-quality
training with an emphasis on frequent, quality repetitions. Our focus is on refining techniques
and meticulously planning sessions that transform young, talented athletes into exceptional
collegiate goalkeepers. Each session at Kronis Academy offers over 150 repetitions to
goalkeepers in a professional setting, ensuring a high coach-to-player ratio with no more than
four goalkeepers per coach.
At our academy, we have a no-nonsense approach to training – there are no games, no idle
time standing in lines, and no lengthy lectures. Our sole commitment is to pure development,
providing an environment where goalkeepers can focus entirely on honing their skills.
The success of our training methods is evident in the achievements of our recently committed
goalkeepers, who have progressed to prestigious collegiate programs:
• Jillian Medvecky at Pepperdine
• Nathan Salerno at Princeton
• Victoria Safradin at Virginia
• Abby Kudla at Memphis
• Patrick McLaughlin at Ohio State
• Stacy Barresi at Southern Utah
• Sara Csernyik at Saint Francis University
• Maria Copfer at Ohio University
• Gavin Hill at Akron
• Stephen Yerian at Cleveland State
These accomplishments underscore our commitment to developing top-tier talent, ready to
excel at the collegiate level and beyond. At Kronis Academy, we’re not just training
goalkeepers; we’re shaping the future of soccer.